A wide range of
accurate sound waves.
All in one place!
Experience all the good vibes,
clean notes and low bass this
powerfull speaker has to offer.
It's a powerhouse!

One powerful treble speaker up to 10 Watt in the chest,
custom built, offers a clean and rich sounds. 

For your experience to be complete, we've also
added an active up to 20 Watt subwoofer in the dock,
which features the full range of the sound spectrum.
Timeless and unique polygonal design
The K HEROES come in ABS plastic to maintain low weight,
enhanced with premium matte and metallic paints,
available in 7 colors.
Listen to music in a custom colored
ambience, with 16 million variations.
Multicolor RGB LED stand for an interactive
pulsating visual map of the music.
Set it up, hit PLAY and let yourself get immersed!
Upgraded connectivity
Take control with the voice command feature
that let's you speak your mind through music vibes.
Integrated WiFi for a stronger, more stable WiFi
connection and increased signal for your devices
to any corner of your home.
K Heroes is a high performance
bluetooth speaker with its own wireless charging dock.